Singh Auto Seven Hills's Services & Prices*

Air Conditioning Service From $90

The Air Conditioner is not always included in a regular or log book service, so it can be easily neglected. As part of our service we do the basic maintainence and check for the following:

  • The drive belt tension
  • Visible signs of Refrigerant oil stains ar the compressor, hoses, pipes or fittings.
  • Loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets
Battery From $120

We don't just sell car batteries, we know the right battery for your car. Whether it's an Australian car, a Japanese car, a European car or high performance car, the right choice can make all the difference. That is why we will help you make the best choice.

Fuel Injection Service From $150

Fuel injectors are designed to provide the correct volume and pressure of fuel into the engine to maximise performance, economy and smooth running. Flat spots in acceleration, poor fuel economy or poor acceleration are all signs your fuel injection system may need servicing.

This specialist service removes carbon and other deposits from your fuel injection system. Specialty fuel treatment is added to help your vehicle run smoother, while optimising economy.

Logbook Service Contact us for a quote

We have the expertise to maintain your vehicle, from routine servicing right through to the manufacturer's handbook service. We can even stamp your logbook with work covered by our Australia-wide Warranty. From Safety Inspections through to engine management, ABS has the equipment and expertise to service your vehicle.

LPG Conversion From $1,500

An LPG Conversion & Installation saves you money as LPG is typically at least 50 percent cheaper than other fuels, meaning you can achieve significant savings from day one, and recover the cost of an LPG Conversion in a relatively short time.

You can also make use of the Federal Government grants for the LPG Conversions of a registered vehicle. Call us for details.

LPG Service From $45

If your car runs on an LPG system you will need to have an LPG service to make sure it is working efficiently. This service differs from your general car service as it is a specialised system that needs a separate rigorous safety and component checks.

But make sure you don't skip out on either service as your LPG system works with many general components. You also need to make sure your LPG service is carried out regularly. The rule of thumb is usually 20,000km or every 12 months.

Minor Service From $65

This essential, regular service maintains lubricant and fluid levels, together with an inspection of brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension and other essential safety items. Mainly includes the following:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Check and top up all oils & fluids
  • Brakes check
  • Exhaust check
  • Transmission check
  • Steering & suspension check
  • Check (external) engine belts and hoses
  • Check all lights
  • Check tyres and pressures
  • Check windscreen wipers and washers
Major Service From $185

This extensive, major service includes replacement standard spark plugs and a thorough inspection of your car in addition to our Minor service

  • Change spark plugs
  • Change air filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Battery test
  • Safety inspection and roadworthy test
Minor Service for Trucks From $220

This service includes Oil and filter change along with a through safety check.

Major Service for Trucks From $350

As part of the major service, we change the diesel filter, air filter, adjust the breaks and do the greasing in addition to our Minor service for Trucks.

Pre-purchase inspection Contact us for quote

Thinking of buying a new car? We can make sure you're not buying a dud! Our team of qualified, experienced, and thorough mechanics will check your potential new car for any problems or damages so you know you're getting the best deal possible.

Transmission Service From $80

Like your engine, the automatic transmission is a vital and complex item that needs regular maintenance to perform smooth gear changes. Dirty transmission fluid or overheating engines can affect the performance of your transmission and cause costly damage if not rectified quickly.

Our Transmission service is designed to remove contaminants and refill the transmission with new fluid, filter and inpsect the gasket to help smooth gear changes and maximise the service life of the transmission.

Tyre Service From $50

We offer expert service and advice on tyres, wheel balancing, tyre fitting and wheel alignment.

We also do puncture repairs from $10

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